Back Pain Home treatment Ι पीठ दर्द का इलाज

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Pain in the back caused by degenerative changes, injury, swelling or rarely, cancer. Usually the lower part of the back is involved and the pain worsens when a person bends forward. The muscles of the back may become weak and tender.There are about 200 muscles in the back that maintain the upright posture.

Back Pain Home treatment


Here are some home treatment for Back Pain-

Good Posture helps ease the pressure on your lower back. You can use tape, straps, or stretchy bands to help keep your spine in alignment. Aim to keep your head centered over your pelvis. rest your arms evenly on the table or desk, and keep your eyes level with the top of the screen. Get up from your chair and stretch and walk regularly.

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ice works best as a pain reliever. You can use it twice or thrice a day. It even reduces swelling. An ice pack wrapped in a towel can reduce pain immediately.

Exercise regularly is the best way to prevent backache is to care for the back muscles and keep them in excellent physical condition. This requires back and abdominal exercises as a daily regime. Stretching exercises work the best for the back.

Smoking may be four times more likely than nonsmokers to have degenerative disk disease or other spine problems. A healthy spine keeps your back flexible and its muscles from getting stiff and sore.

A good massage can not only relieve backache but also works as a stress buster. You can also use ointments for better results.

Rubbing Skin creams, salves, ointments, or patches may help when your back feels stiff, sore, and tense. Many of these products contain ingredients such as menthol, camphor that can cool, heat, or numb the affected area.

Try putting it under your pelvis when you’re lying down. Let your hips relax over the towel and help stretch out the tension in your lower back. But they’re not meant to be worn too often or for too long.


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