Does Multivitamin Good For Health ?

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Multivitamins and mineral supplements don’t improve a person’s overall health unless they have known deficiencies of these substances. Certain vitamins may have some benefits, but you’re better off getting your nutrition through healthy foods, tablets, capsules, powders and liquids made of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients designed to supplement daily nutritional intake.



Multivitamin users self-reported better overall health despite no apparent differences in clinically measurable health outcomes. Multivitamins in adults may be a result of individuals’ positive expectation that multivitamin use leads to better health outcomes, or a self-selection bias in which multivitamin users intrinsically harbor more positive views regarding their health.

It is also being said multivitamin is a great way to plug nutritional gaps and, according to the Harvard School of Public Policy, vitamins can act as a ‘nutrition insurance policy’ for the human body. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average American will eat only one fruit and two vegetables each day. As a consequence, millions of people do not receive the recommended intake of minerals and vitamins; highlighting the need for multivitamins.

There is a lot of accumulated evidence that suggests multivitamins have no significant health benefits for the general healthy population. And this evidence has existed for a long time. Healthline that multivitamins contain “relatively small amounts of many nutrients which are unable to correct an underlying deficiency if there is one. However, a ‘capture-all’ multivitamin can provide a gentle support to someone in need of varying nutrients they may be short.

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Some people use supplements to compensate for their diet; others require vitamins due to medical conditions or eating habits that limit their intake of certain nutrients. At a time when most of us live incredibly rushed and busy lives, multivitamins offer a quick-fire solution to improve the body and mind of those who include them as part of their regular diet.

As long as deficiencies are not a problem, thinking that your diet is providing you what you need could be just as powerful as thinking a multivitamin will make you feel better. Most multivitamin products contain many of the shortfall nutrients identified by the [U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee] and can help Americans fill in nutrient gaps that they consistently fall short on through dietary intake only.

multivitamins can bolster the immune system and help prevent some chronic diseases. For this reason, many physicians recommend patients learn more about the use of vitamins and how to identify multivitamins that can improve their health and help to prevent chronic diseases.


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