Importance of oral care Ι 2021

Oral health and hygiene begin with clean teeth, proper dental care habits, and awareness of daily behaviors. Brushing and flossing properly from a young age helps prevent oral disease. caring of your teeth is about more than just maintaining a pretty smile. Oral health is directly linked to a person’s overall health, including their heart health. Neglecting oral health can lead to serious health consequences or the worsening of existing health conditions. Not properly taking care of your teeth and gums can lead to a variety of health problems. From loss of teeth and gum disease to heart disease and diabetes, oral health is very important.

oral care


The most obvious problems would be deteriorating teeth and gum. Gum disease can cause patients to have loose teeth, cavities, infections, and other problems. Not caring for your teeth properly can cause you pain and ultimately loss of teeth. However, it can be prevented. There are many oral conditions that affect both children and adults. Some conditions are minor, while others can result in more serious oral health complications over time.

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Most Common oral problem cause due to, but are not limited to:

Bruxism — a condition that results in excessive grinding of the teeth, typically during sleep
Bad Breath — also called halitosis, which is characterized by chronic bad breath
Dry Mouth — also called xerostomia, which is when the salivary glands do not produce enough saliva
Toothaches — pain near or in a tooth, usually caused by tooth decay or an abscess
Cracked Teeth — minor to severe cracks in teeth that are caused by an injury, bruxism, or other factors
Tooth Sensitivity — when a tooth is sensitive to hot, cold, or sweet substances
Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction — a condition that results in extreme jaw pain
Mouth Breathing — when a person regularly breathes through his or her mouth, often while sleeping.

Other commonly reported reasons for skipping regular dentist appointments include no time, lack of motivation or no visible or apparent dental problems to warrant scheduling an appointment, fear of the dentist or prior bad experiences, and fear of hearing that there’s a problem.

Common risk factors associated with poor oral care health include:

Heart Disease — if you neglect oral care long-term, gingivitis is likely to develop. If you do not receive treatment for this condition, it will lead to periodontitis. This is because poor oral health increases the risk of a bacterial infection reaching the bloodstream.

Weakened Immune System — poor dental health results in a weakened immune system, which makes you more prone to developing illnesses, infections, and diseases.

The best way that parents can ensure that children have a health mouth is by getting them into good habits at an early age. As soon as teeth still arriving in a toddler’s mouth, parents should get them used to brushing their teeth, and as the child grows, this practice needs to be reinforced on a regular basis. By starting early with good dental health, they may be preventing problems in the future.


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