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Culture and spirituality and is a destination that offers remarkable diversity to travelers. Unfortunately, as India is a developing nation, poor sanitation means that many travelers tend to fall victim to the infamous ‘Delhi Belly’ or other ailments of the digestive system. Using your common sense and following these few precautions will help you stay healthy while traveling in India and helpy you get the most out of your trip.

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Only drink bottled or purified water. If you purchase bottled water from a store or kiosk, always make sure that the seal hasn’t been broken before you drink from it as people have been known re-use empty bottles filled with unclean tap water. It’s important to either wash your hands regularly or use disinfectant wipes or gel to kill germs you may have picked up from touching surfaces over the day. If you have picked up any germs on your hands, simply touching your face can be enough to make you sick. Clean your hands regularly to avoid this as much as possible and always remember to sanitize your hands before you eat.

The good bacteria in probiotics helps to keep your stomach in tip-top shape and helps to fight bad bacteria. Take them daily in the months leading up to your trip and buy a traveler’s pack that doesn’t require refrigeration to take away with you. Even though street food is often a lot cheaper than food in restaurants and hotels, be careful with it in India. Use your common sense and make a judgement as to whether you think the vendor’s food looks safe. Does the oil look clean? Are the pots and pans dirty? Are food scraps left out? Are there a lot of flies buzzing around? This should give you a pretty clear indication as to whether the food will be safe or not.

Lowest consumers of meat in the entire world and, consequently, have perfected vegetarian cooking into an art-form. The vegetarian food is absolutely delicious in India. Due to frequent power cuts and the effects on refrigeration that this has, meat is much more likely to be contaminated than vegetarian food. Staying clear of it may reduce your chances of falling ill. You can’t be sure that the fruit in fresh juices and smoothies has been washed in purified water, or whether the ice is safe. It’s best to avoid these drinks altogether in India. Even if you follow all of these tips, there is still a chance that you will get sick — I did! Use your judgement and eat what you think looks good and what you believe is safe.


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